Hen Night 'Burly-Gurly Party Fun' April 18 2015
Hi Ishtar,
I have included a couple of photos for you.
Please feel free to use the following reference:
I booked Ishtar for my friends hens party in April 2015, so that we could learn to Burlesque dance, as a fun thing I could incorporate into the party. On arrival at the venue Ishtar greeted us with a lovely warm smile & we found her to be extremely welcoming. Teaching a bunch of approximately 15 ladies, who consisted of some quite loud & outspoken woman was not an easy task but Ishtar took this all in her stride and handled us all with a fun & professional attitude. We found her style of teaching was easy to grasp but most of all we had an absolute BLAST!! There wasn't one lady who did not enjoy the Burlesque dancing and in fact we are now a week later & they are still all talking about it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so much Ishtar for your patience & fun approach to showing us your dance.
Kind regards

Kerry Jarvis


Hen's Night 8 March 2014

Thank you again Ishtar!!! You were amazing and all of the lady's had a fantastic time.... Can't thank you enough for travelling so far and for making the night super special!
regards Emma

50TH Birthday Party Celebration 21 Dec 2012

“Recently I celebrated my 50th birthday. As we are travelling this year, I did not want a big celebration so we decided to have a small group of family and friends at home for drinks and finger food. To liven things up I hired Ishtar as surprise entertainment for my guests. Ishtar was fantastic! Her costumes and dance kept everybody very entertained, along with the sparkly cane and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Ishtar is professional and friendly and very very good at what she does. I would definitely recommend Ishtar to liven up any planned social event! She is fab!”
Take care,


Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 12:02:14 +1300

Subject: Re: Wedding Feedback

Dear Jennifer

By now you will be enjoying relaxing and recovering from your very big Wedding Event.  I hope that you are able to enjoy the warm weather and chill.  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be your entertainer at your lovely wedding, and what a gorgeous Moroccan tents and what a camel cake! you certainly had a very artistic wedding.

May I ask for some feedback from the show, to help me improve and to gauge audience expectations and wants better.

If you could simply comment on the following and add any other feedback you would like, I would appreciate it.

Did the show exceed your expectations or was what you expected -
from what i had seen of the internet i knew the show would be great anyway :-) 
Did you like the variety and the costume changes -
absolutely you were amazing getting changed so quickly  
Was it long enough or too long -
just right
did you like the audience participation and was it long enough or too long -
from what i saw the audience were loving it and the kids just thought you were great ;-)
Was I flexible enough and you felt it easy to deal with me -
couldn't have asked for anything better you were great to deal with from start to finish
Was the show value for money -
Please add any other comments you would like to - or feedback to aid me improve -
your show was wonderful. it was a fantastic addition to my big day. you entertained everyone brilliantly and i would not hesitate to book you again 
Would you be happy to recommend me to another -
without a doubt!
Thank you so much again Jennifer, I did very much enjoy dancing with you little cutie boy in the red T-shirt and the cute blond hair !  the kids were such fun!!!  :D


Thank you i loved my day so much and having you part of that made it even more special. i'm fortunate to say the little boy in the red t-shirt is my son James. He is a star and throughly enjoyed dancing with you too :-)


Thanks again for everything


Jen xx

Royal New Zealand Air Force Mess Ball 2009

Dear Ishtar,

On behalf of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Auckland Officers Mess I would like to thank you for the wonderful performance you provided at the 2009 Ball.  You set the tone for a very enjoyable event which left an excellent impression on all those who attended.  I have received great feedback from all guests on your wide range of outfits, music and onstage dynamics.  You truly present a very polished and professional act.  I would also like to add my personal thanks for your versatility and enthusiasm during the booking arrangements and set up, especially considering the last minute nature of our request. 

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wishes to add a unique highlight to their event. 

Kind regards,

Ronald Hunt
Officers Mess Ball Committee

Ishtar had the pleasure of being a part of the Love Boat Cabaret Show held at the Bruce Mason Theatre in June 2010

Oct 2010 Ishtar
& her Troupe were background Dancers for the "Lady Killers" singers at the 2010 Cult Couture Show held at the Telstra Stadium.

Ishtar is able to create Fantasy, Fun Dances for all types of shows, and size of stages

Testimonial from Orit Maftsir - Israel Master Dancer
When I was invited to New Zealand in 2007 by Ishtar, I couldn’t tell that it will be one of the most important visits I would  ever have and I travel a lot. This fantastic women who was brave enough to carry me all the way to Auckland was not just a fantastic teacher who oozes love and passion for the art of oriental dancer but she is also a soul mate with a great sensitivity and has a gentle heart!


I must admit that when I am told that I am an inspiration to others it always flatters me and gives me a burst of energy to go on, but what people don't know is that they also inspire me - and Ishtar has inspired me, to give more of myself, as I know that this knowledge in her hands will pass to many others in her classes and performances.


I am sure that she gives a unique and special gift in her dance, being a very maternal and feminine woman, she passes a lot beyond entertainment, she gives a spiritual experience to those who dance with her, and that’s a gift!


I will forever remember her and her generous hospitality, and I wish I could be there again and again! if you live in New Zealand, then make sure to visit her as a teacher or take the opportunity to see her perform, you will enjoy and enrich yourself!


warm hugs

Orit Maftsir

Master Oriental Teacher & Dance Entertainer (Internationally known)


Many thanks for last nights lesson.  I really enjoyed your lesson and I’m confident in believing that all those who attended had a great time too.

They way you taught us the moves and inspired us with your own abilities, made the lesson a perfect introduction.  I really do hope we can organise a regular class at Te Tuhi.  If we can gather a sufficient number of student to make it feasible and if you have any time to spare, I’m sure it will be possible in Term 1, 09.   


However, if not, I’m really keen to join your classes outside of Te Tuhi myself! I’ve always loved the music and to be able to move to it would totally enchance my enjoyment.

I’ve attached the Tempo attendance list – I’m so sorry, I was supposed to return it to you after photocopying it.  I hope that the attachment is okay, otherwise please email me your postal address and I’ll mail it to you today.

I look forward to Saturday’s performance and chatting again when you’ve time about possibilities for further classes,

Many thanks, 
Renee Tanner
Public Programmes Coordinator

Hi Ishtar,

Its Fiona Walker here, from your Te Tuhi class on Thursday nights :)

I am just emailing to apologise for not being at class last week. Both Sharon and I were sick and couldn't make it!!
But we will be back along tonight and eager to catch up!!

I have just downloaded the veil dance video from your website so I can practise that now :)

Just wanted to say that we are both really enjoying the classes and you make learning this new dance style so much fun!!!!
Your classes are a joy to come to!

Thanks heaps,

Ishtar danced at the TEMPO dance Festival in the World Dance Category, Three shows held at Tapac Theatre 29 and 30 September, 2007.
The Dance Critic
Mark James Hamilton
commented on Ishtar's performance :

".....In stark contrast serpentine bellydancer Ishtar trembled and shimmied beneath a froth of pink ruffles and beaded fringing. She pulsated with minute impulses that created a myriad of quaking motions. When blowing kisses to the appreciative audience her knowing irony shines forth: she relishes her role – playfully fulfilling Vegas-on-the-Nile harem fantasies, while amazing all with her excellent precision and her seemingly infinite movement vocabulary. I’m not sure if Ishtar is Egytpian, but she is a great performer - and when you’ve paid your money, isn’t that what ultimately counts?"

"Special Comment" Jan 2009
A Native Egyptian living in the USA was so very generous to send me this feedback of my improvised dance to 'El Fen'.  I am humbled and also greatly appreciative for his discerning and extensive knowledge of 'Raks Sharki' and it's associated music he has shared with me by email.  He has taught me quite alot already!!  Thank you so much Adel for sharing your knowledge with me (from the 'West') who has little knowledge in comparison, but big in heart. I will put it to good use!!

If you would like to understand what "Belly Dancing with Grace" means, you have to watch this video of Ishtar.


A combination of two classic and beautiful music composed by Abdel Wahab: Ya Mesafer (Hey You ... the Traveler) and Nagham ... Fi Hayaty (A Melody ... in my Life).  Ishtar, not only your performance is superb but also you are presenting a piece of Art, waving (what ever this is called in BD) and interpreting the music, singing with your body, just the lyrics came to my mind.  I don't want to tell you how many times I have watched it, so that you don't think; this guy is obsessed with the music or with the dance? may be by both.
Adel, USA

Wedding on Waiheke Island 
March 2008

Hi Ishtar!
I can surely say you made our night that extra special.  The comment from everyone was "Wow" and your dancing and costume was beautiful.  You are an amazing dancer, and I could just tell by the way you held the audience everyone really enjoyed it.
Thank you also for all your 'shimmying' training for me, everyone thought I could really bellydance!  I think every bride should perform a bellydance for her husband on their wedding night, middle eastern or kiwi.

Warm regards,
Jennie and Neade Karam

"Email from Wedding Customer - Feedback" 
Hi Ishtar, 
I have been in the search for a local Belly Dancer recently, and came across your website.  My fiance is Middle Eastern and I would love to surprise him and have you perform at our wedding. It will be next year 22 March 08, and we are having our reception at The Estate on Waiheke Island. I have viewed your performances on your website and you dance beautifully. Please let me know if you are available and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Jennie Scown


"Desert Moon Bellydance Class & 1001 Nights Photo Shoot" Dec 2, 2007 "Unsolicited Feedback" 

Hi Ishtar 
We had a great time yesterday.  We all had a lot more fun that expected.  You are an amasing woman and dance instructor.  
Thank you once again as you truly made Helen’s birthday a memorable one.
Take care


"Peace Software Corporation" for a Bellydance Show at the Prestigous Opium Room, Queen Street, Auckland 30 Nov 2007 Christmas Party.
Hi Ishtar

Show was plenty of variety which was great.  Each act was relatively short and high impact which is what we were looking for.  Much, much better than I expected! You are a true professional and we were all taken aback not only by your costumes but also your stage setting.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you for other functions. Excellent value for money. You are all true professionals, you did such a wonderful job and you were very very flexible and accommodating to our needs which really means a lot.   Your performance is the talk of the office today, everyone is still buzzin from the excitement!
All the best and thank you once again to you and your team.

Hen's Night - "Desert Moon Dance Class & Goddess Reading" Feb 16 2008 "Unsolicited Feedback" 
Dear Ishtar,  
I can't thank you enough for the fantastic afternoon you gave us at the hen party yesterday!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we all loved that you joined us for a drink and a chat afterwards.  The Goddess readings were talked about all night, and I'm sure we'll all remember the dancing you taught us for years to come!  I won't hesitate to recommend you to others looking for good value party entertainment.   I've attached a few photos from the day, and look forward to seeing you again in the future!
Many thanks,  
Bex :)

Hen's Night 22 Nov 2008
Thank you so much Ishtar, we all had such a fantastic time! The games were incredibly fun and overall the night turned out better than
anticipated. We all especially loved that you incorporated little history lessons throughout the night, which were very interesting. I
would recommend your services to anyone. 
Thanks Stace

Ethnic Festival at Dorothy Winstone Theatre 2007
"Unsolicited Feedback" 

Hey Ishtar! 
I have got a dvd of some of last weekend's show here if you want a copy of it I have one to send you, there is a little bit of everyone before us on it, because the camera battery went flat. There's some of you on it and you look amazing! You looked so beautiful here, I still watch it and wish I could dance like that! Anyway, enjoy!
Céara Smyth TCRG
Ní Ghábhann Irish Dance Academy 

HI there!
It was great meeting you on the 10th Feb.  The girls were very excited to meet you and wanting to say how fantastic your performance was on the 10th! They would love to peform with you at some stage.  LOOK forward to catching you soon
(Professional Jazz, Salsa Dancers)

Lotus of the Nile Show 2007 "Unsolicited Feedback" 

Hi Ishtar,   
Last night’s show was FABULOUS!!... And your dancing was amazing. My flat mate and I enjoyed the show immensely. It made us feel proud to be women, and we definitely left the show feeling empowered!   All the dancers were great and the costumes were fantastic!  We look forward to the next one!
Holly McLaughlin
Radio Consultant 
The Radio Network Auckland

The show you did was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it!
Bharat Jamnadas 
Senior Reporter/Director 
Asia Down Under

Hi there
Congrats on the concert I was impressed, your Arabic pop was awesome!  Cheers Kali-Zahira

So enjoyed watching you dance last night! Helen is and will always be my most favourite dancer, and you are my 2nd!
Cheers Glennis


"Youtube Fan Emails"  
These selected comments below are emails sent to me from bellydance fans from youtube or viewing videos off my website. 

March 2009 (Ishtar's Improv to Omar Khorshid)
Thank you Ishtar for making and sharing this video. Excellent smooth flow of movements, no gymnastics, this is what we call Raqs Sharqi. Almost at
1:00, 2, 3 & 4, you didn't miss a beat, absolute harmony with the music, or like they say: You became the music. Adel 

Your soft movements remind me by one guy who tried to express his admiration for belly dancing movements, so he commented: I don't think that those belly dancers have any bones.

Q: Do you? 

11 April 2009 (Ishtar's Raks Sharki Improv to Habibi Ya Eine by Kuwait Musician)

Hmmmm... It's almost hypnotizing. Once I start to watch, it is very difficult to take my eyes away. But also, it is hard to watch too. I don't know where to look. Her hips or her eyes? I don't know which is more seductive. And a very excellent natural interpretation as well. 10 stars! :) 
Nowatts, USA

1 April 2009 (Improv of Omar Khorshids music)
Ishtar, that was beautiful. Classy and superb. Can you please tell me which cd is this song from? You have very good taste in music and I love all your videos. You bring your own flavor to the dance. 
Marie2214 USA

April 2009, (Improv of Omar Khorshids music)
yowza! love the slow start. so smooth! the white makes it look so dreamy and heavenly! and the music is so subtle and suggestive in a way! i love what you did with it! 
2ylite808, USA
21 December 2008
MrROMMEO has posted a comment on your profile:
wooooooooooow Ishtaar
really u r artist
i like belly dance I'm from Kuwait
I'm violin , ney oud keyboard player
& i like Latino Dance
i like ur videos my friend
waitt for more 

27 Sept 08 wow,that is amazing!!! It looks so easy when you dance but I know how much work it is!!! You are a real talent!!!!  Snake Kundalini 

22 Sept 08 please please PLEASE produce a performance dvd sometime :)))  Dinavienna

Bravo !! What a wonderful performance and ad libbed !! Yr a shining star Girl Luv Yr Work  Dice1164

10 Aug 2008 
hi :)
how are u i love ur dance, why??? hahaa ;) because u r the first bellydancer on youtube move her body Concurrently with darabuks style Congratulations on this dance :) i hope be a friend .  To u small gift from me i hope u like it
much love
ALAA :) (Palestinian Musician) 
Takasim+Style for Belly Dance تقسيم + ايقاعات للرقص الشرقي
im playing takasim okordun 

23 May 2008....I saw your site and you are an amazing dancer by the way, you are so talented that I couldn't tell the difference between you and any other professional Egyptian dancer

if you want to know the meanings of any Egyptian song i will be more than happy to translate it to you

All the bests
from Cairo, Egypt

Comment on Ishtar's Improv Tabla Solo
I watch your videos almost every day - you really have something egyptian about you!!!!!!!!
the subtlety and playfulness i think!!
it s rare nowadays, unfortunately, coz so few egyptian girls dance, and most non egyptians dont have it. it s impossible to learn i think. mashaAllah, god wanted it, you have it! 
DinaVienna, Austria,  youtube fan

Comment on Ishtar's Improv Tabla Solo
This is the best improv I have seen! What a great dance! I would play this over and over and try to memorize it! Lol! Keep up the awesome work! YAY ISHTAR BELLYDANCER! Woohoo
new tabla solo
new tabla solo
hi ishtar,
i added this video to my favorites.
what can i say...your dancing in this video is absolutely perfect, as always :)

best wishes!
Sohaila95 youtube fan, US

Comment on Improv to Raks Bedeya Video
very nice the way you move so natural and smooth,you should make more videos like this so far the best dance iv seen on the net very witchy 
Danigiraldo, Fashion Student, Colombia

Comment on Improv to Raks Bedeya
you re awesome!!!! so soft and sweet, not an "acrobat" like many US dancers making a competition of this sweet dance ("in how many robotic components can i divide one up hip movement?" :))) 
Dinavienna, Austria

Hi Ishtar 
I saw your profile and videos on youtube; beautiful. They were tasteful but very sensual and you have the perfect belly dancer look. I liked your poem "Leila the Desert Dancer" on your website.  I write short stories as a casual hobby. You reminded me of how I once envisioned the female protagonist in one of the stories I wrote to look so I was pretty blown away by your pics. I wish you danced here in the states.   
Consider me a fan. 

Hi IshtarBellydancer,
I saw your video at the Dorothy Winston theatre Ethnic Festival, they are amazing.
It must have been a lot of hard work preparing for it durring the months, but it was truly rewarding just to see these. They showt you did work really hard on them and that you showed real passion doing them.
have a good day.;) 
jerome fortin 

Hello! Ishtar, I saw your videos .. and was really impressed about your dance!   You are charming! I like your dancing very much
My name is Hosam, I live and work in Cairo-Egypt.  You are very talent and beautiful 
Hosam Egypt - youtube fan

Hi Ishtar,
Nice sagat playing. I sent to some other dancers, and they all loved your vid as well. Yes, other dancers do play to the feel of the music, but most common do the 123 gallop. Your variations are very interesting.
Catch ya! Yeow - Aus

i loved your performance very much and i really liked the song you danced to the drum solo.
Samira - Los Angeles USA
youtube fan

Hi Ishtar
I have been following Raks Sharki for several years and am convinced it is the most attractive and appealing - especially to me as a man I guess. I watched some of your videos and you are very good. I especially like your shimmies, awesome abdominal control and the slow sections, very well done indeed, and very attractive. Thanks so much for your style.
Bruce Dallas USA
youtube email

Hi Ishtar
Just a note saying how much I really appreciate your knowledge of drum solo dancing and your awareness of the music. I hope youre well. 
Sahib, USA

Hi Ishtar
Wow, you're a belly dancer. I'd love to see you dance, but alas, you are on the other side of the world. So, I'll have to settle for your YouTube videos.


hi ishtar,
i added this video to my favorites. this is one of the loveliest videos you've posted in some time! it's a visually beautiful showcase for your dancing, which is spectacular as always!
best wishes for the new year,
bob (your 1st subscriber!)
USA youtube bellydance fan

Loved your video. Mesmeric dancing. Will you be performing in England shortly! Thankyou Luinogelo - youtube bellydance fan

Hi! I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on your beautiful dancing! I think it's just simply amazing! I live in the Atlanta area 
Nicole youtube bellydance fan

Hello Ishtar, your improvised Egyptian Video was a masterpiece. Your dancing is lovely. I just hope we can meet one day and dance together, wouldn't that be wonderful? 
Ben - UK - youtube fan

hey Ishtar, I went to Keti Sharif's site for the first time today and clicked on the AstroBelly Zodiac and we're both Cancer dancers! I was reading and happened to look in the corner and see that and thought hmmph--small world. Perhaps that's why your style struck me as the most similar to what I'd like to give an audience; it seems genuine like you feel the music and you're not just doing the moves you know!
Happy Shimmies to you
Brooke :-) New Orleans LA, youtube fan

19 May 2008
Message: Hi!
I've been watching your videos on youtube and I have to say not only you're a great dancer but also you seem to be an amazing teacher. I was in New Zealand during the summer and if I had known about you I would've probably taken a couple of lessons. I just wanted to congratulate you on your great work and to ask you what are the chances of getting some lessons with you next time I'm in New Zealand, is there a minimum number of lesson I'd have to take? Also, do you ship overseas your choreographies? Well, thanks for reading this and, again, cognratulations! 
Greeting from Chile!
PS.: Your dog is lovelyyy!!!


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