Twinkles hiding her food
Twinkles says' Ma'ma
Twinkles climbing a Tree
Mum says I am her Christmas Elf
I was helping pull out the decorations for mum, I know I was a very big help.  Mum can't get them out the bag as good as me, cause I have got "tough Terrier Teeth", and I like to use them whenever I can!
I am now 9 months Old !!
This Christmas was my very first Christmas and I couldn't wait to help Mum set up the tree. 

Meet "Queen of ScotsTwinkles MacDuff" 

Ishtar has a new baby, Twinkles is a West highland White Terrier puppy.  She is already enjoying her mum's dance studio and of course coin belts!!  Ishtar hopes that "Twinkle, Twinkles Little Star" will enjoy dancing with her mum in her shows sometime in the future.  Of course she has a lot of training to do for that, but right now she is enjoying being an ankle biter and hiding in amoungst mum's many silky cushions and organza curtains, and chewing on them!! 
(picture left - Twinkles is 14 weeks old)

"Queen of ScotsTwinkles MacDuff" 

Watch as Twinkles grows up and how she does with her coin belt.  Twinkles is just 9 weeks old.  She is a West highland White Terrier.  They are a breed from Scotland, bred specifically for their white fur which enable them to be seen during the fox hunt.  This was to ensure that  the hunters didn't shoot their own hunting dogs.  Being hunting dogs, they are very fast runners considering their diminutive size and their scissor teeth are rather large for such a small dog.  Westies, as they are commonly called are good 'ratters' and will often mimic the shaking of their head from side to side in a fake killing motion which is instinctual for this breed.  They do this from about 5 weeks old onwards.  Right now though she is happy to try and catch her mum and dad's feet, and tear into your slippers or anything she can sink her sharp teeth into. They are known for their high intelligence and high spirited and quirky personalities. 

Play time in the Dance Studio
Hi Mum, can I run through the curtains and the harem tent? Please??  I promise not to bite it with my teeth... how can mum say no to my adoring eyes and cute face... a Westie plan!
My Favourite place
is lying in mum's Harem Tent

I'm a Star! Twinkles on 16 May
When mum comes out with that "flashy light and it goes click' I know to sit on my favourite orange sequined cushion, because Mum says 'good girl' and I love to be a good girl.

This is the REAL me !  
I like being rough!! and I love digging up the Harem Tent, the carpet and just about anywhere I am allowed to!
Life is good
especially lounging on Mum's sequined cushions and Organza veils.  I just love the feel of the organza veil!   Mum bought me my own pink veil and I love to take it to bed at night in my Den!
Bellydancing with Mum
My first lesson with Mum !  I chose to sit and watch as Mum gave me instructions!  mmm maybe next time I will surprise her once I figure out how to move my paws like hers !

Mum says 
I am a super model and a good girl !!  I like being a good girl cause Mum treats me with puppy bikkies!

Oh look at me!! Says Twinkles
As she manages to sink her little sharp teeth into the beautiful gold and cream pearls atop her orange sequined throne!!
Twinkles is now 11 weeks old
Here she is playing in amoungst Mum's many beads and sequined cushions!! She loves to run through all of the 'finest fabrics', and knows her name well, as she looks up in time for the camera to go 'click' ...
Twinkles playing in the Dance Studio

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