Raks Sharqi at Centre Stage Theatre, Orewa, Auckland
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Hip Hop Fusion with Bellydance by Ishtar
Egyptian Style Bellydance
Solo & Troupe Dancers needed?

Want one, two, three to five bellydancers  for your function?  
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Ishtar's Dance Art

What is Dance Art?  It is a new term that Ishtar has been using to describe herself when she fuses folkloric and modern dance movements and costuming to recreate a 'Visual Symphony'.  A Poetic Dance you might say, a poem in motion.  Ishtar also likes dancing with Props and spends time to create new movements or learn new styles of movement which she uses to infuse her Dance Art.  If you are tired of the regular dance styles and want something FRESH, Original and new for your show, ask Ishtar to create something in line with your theme!!
"Having a Themed Arabian Party? Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves, Genie & the Lamp? Aladdin & Princess Jasmine?" 

Than you need us to highlight your dance floor with a visual feast of bellydelicious dancing, and getting your party-goers in the mood for dancing!! WE will go out into the audience and get them up on the floor!  Once there up on that floor your party will be in Full Fun Mode!

A Party in the Genie's Cave .... there is nothing more authentic than to match your entertainment with your party theme!  We can even tailor it to suit you! 

We get your dance floor going .... not only do we perform, but we go out into the audience and get people to come and dance!  Great way to get the night going!
My Aim is to provide you with entertainment that is inspiring, mysterious and exotic!  With beautiful costumes, dance that is creative and fun-filled that will delight your audience.  My shows are for the 'G'eneral audience and are tasteful. Please view the "Performance Feedback Page"

Corporate Functions, Christmas Parties, Mid-winter Christmas party
Ishtar will tailor your event, providing troupe, soloist, live middle eastern tabla players to suit your entertainment requests.  Ishtars numerous dance vocabulary and skills in the use of many bellydancing props that add interest to a show.  These props are :  Wings of Isis (photo on right), Egyptian cane, sagats (cymbals), veils, sword, tray of candle balancing, oriental fans,  Lotus flower candle dancing.  Other unique props maybe incorporated. On one occassion Ishtar came dancing in to a surprise birthday party for a TV fishing host, with a fishing rod, much to the laughter of the audience !!  30min shows either with 2 sets of 15 mins or all at once

"Authentic Raks Sharki Style"
For the Middle Eastern Community

Ishtar has been asked by many Middle Eastern people in the audience if she is Egyptian when she has been dancing.  She has been acknowledged for her ability to dance like the 1950s dancers such as Tahiya Carioca and even Sohair Zaki style.  Her fluid, improvised hipwork,  serpentine undulations and emotive interpretation of the music are reminiscent of this glamourous dance era.  

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