Peacock Burlesque Feather Fan Dance

Mechanical China Doll DanceIshtar's Burlesque Fusion Dance

Pharonic Inspired Dance

 Red China Doll Dance

Egyptian Goddess Isis
Ishtar as God Anubis and the MummiesIshtar as God Anubis, Ancient Egyptian God of the Dead. Sword Dance at end of year show 2009Tourists at Karnak Temple meet Goddess Isis. Modern piece at end of year show 2009
El Gouna is an amazing boutique resort area that is really up-market and trendy and very expensive !Ishtar dancing at "Che Chantels" elegant boutique restaurant, in El Gouna, on the Red Sea in Egypt.Chantel's food is just devine and typically "French" (she is Belgium French).  Her son Jeremy is also an amazing chef and has "Jeremy's Tapa's downstairs at Turtles Inn 

in the beautiful Oberoi Hotel, Cairo

Oberoi Hotel Cairo, Egypt

Oberoi Hotel is right next to the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt
Valentine's Day at Mediterranean Restaurant in Birkenhead
French Algerian "Baby Naming Ceremony" at Viola Cafe

Lebanese Independance Day Celebration 23 Nov 2008 held at the NEW Mediteranean Restaurant in Birkenhead

Daniel the Lebanese Darbouka player was there playing his awesome rythyms!!

There was shisha, laughter and fun at the Lebanese Function, both Daniel and Ishtar had fun along with Ebony who shimmied along with Ishtar!


Contemporary Bellydance "Mermaid caught in a Fishermans Net" was the opening of the Mermaids from around the World

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Ishtar danced for 250 students and teachers

Marist School Ball, students loved  "Shake your body like a Bellydancer" by Akon

At Troy hafla

Ishtar at a Lebanese wedding on Waiheke island

at Troy Restaurant Hafla
Dorothy Winston Theatre at the Ethnic Festival Mar 2008
Tempo Dance Festival 2007
Apadana RestaurantThe kids were so cute!Apadana Restaurant
Persian Birthday Party
Tempo Festival 2007Ishtar danced 6 shows over 4 days for the schools and general publicShe also featured on the breakfast show on TV1 promo of the upcoming Tempo Festival
Peace Software Corporation
Christmas Show at the Opium
Room, Queen Street
Ishtar at a Lebanese fundraising dinner function

Ishtar at Apadana Restaurant

Ishtar dancing with Daniel a talented Lebanese Tabla Drummer and Hani on Keyboard and singing popular Arabic songs

Lotus flower fusion dance created by Ishtar at Apadana

Corporate Christmas Middle Eastern Themed Party 2006

Ishtar at the Bruce Mason Theatre "The Lotus of the Nile Show" 

 Ishtar performing to a modern Arabic Pop song at the Lotus of the Nile Show

Ishtar at Persian Birthday Party

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