In memory of the Lady of K'Rd aka Margaret
by Ishtar
© 2008

Someone said she was a lawyer once
Someone said she was on the game
Is she someone's mummy forgotten or not the same?
She sits crumpled and broken
gray disheveled hair pinned up
with pretense blossom
face sullen, totally forgotten
toothless, red smeared lips
bottle in bag, occasional swig
crossed legs lady-like
she sits on that same worn 
wooden street bench up on K'Rd
I've been walking past you for just 12 years
with heart felt tears crushed contained
you don't know me
you don't remember me
but I remember you
“Got two dollars?” you ask me
just the same each time
sometimes palm is blessed 
while cigarette burns in other
guilt felt thoughts runs through my mind
you are a good reminder
of life's hard lessons
don't complain, don't be ungrateful
have compassion, be non-judgmental
it could have been me sitting there
asking “have you got two dollars?”
Ishtar Presnell 2008

Ishtar has been writing poetry for many years, and has been published in the International Poet's Society Anthology   She writes about many things in life, however, the poems published here are ones that relate only to bellydance.    Sometime in the future she hopes to produce a Poetry book of her own.  All Poems are copyright, and remain the sole property Ishtar.  These poems are a taste of a more Poems to come on the subject of Belly Dance.  Some special Poems are not in print or the web yet, but will be released in her up-coming book.

Ishtar in the UK, my Sister, my counter part,  wrote a poem for me, how touched and appreciative I am !  I had written one for her also, and our friendship flourishes over the miles.

For Ishtar NZ
Like a cobra rising she rises from the other hemisphere creating patterns in the night sky. I wonder if your writhing dancers mind will know  me, even if I don't say my name because you and I are the same.
In the ether I I meet you to dance and talk about the mystery of life and the new beginning called death, you laugh as I cry and I cry as you laugh when I am dark you are light when you are full I am invisible when you speak I listen.
I find you looking up from the water in the lake, I realise we are one with each other and  the flowers ,crystals and sky, the animals  other women and the men and the children.

Sweet Ishtar we will meet in dreams because what we think we see is an illusion. Your soul radiates with feminine power you dance the light. you are shining star loved near and far.


Gothic Goddess Ishtar
1 September 2008
For Ishtar in the UK

sulptured limbs reminicent of Innana of Sumer
temple donned smile frames Gothic Goddess Ishtar
moonlight glazed her skin with lumnious light
Ravens feathered her hair dark as night
Sacred earth caverns coughed up rich, red rubies for lips
graceful snake-like arms moves to the gothic beat
high heeled buttoned boots 
vampire black leather clings
hidden belly coins ring
veiled khol eyes stare
charcoal hair swings, perfumes the air
blazing lips, strong thighs, 
sensuous looks sudden sighs
silvery song, drifts in the midnight tide 
bringing stories of her many past lives
Goddess Ishtar,from forgotten eons ago
Innana-Ishtar Goddess of love and war
comes through the star gate of atlantis
dressed in dark leather and pale moonlight
you have come to sing in and dance in
the great Golden Age!

Last night “I dreamed of Genie”
by Ishtar (c) copyright  12 Mar 2008

Last night I dreamed of Genie
and here she is tonight !
There she is in rose pink
just like Turkish delight
pink, green, bugle beads
swinging with the dance
a smile as brilliant as ten thousand suns
fills the audience with glee
for she is Genie in the bottle
dressed up in red and pink 
swirling red veil, frames eyes of mischief 
heavy, musky fragrance that lingers
exotic Genie belly dancer 
from a thousand sand years ago
did someone find your lost genie lamp
or did you catch a plane 
from distant lands unknown?

" Lounge Room Queen" by Ishtar 
22 February 2008  ©

Some say too old and ugly, some say she was brave
But by God I admire her for being unafraid
she stood on the stage like stark naked
bared her soul for all to see
She cared not what the eyes of scorn said
too many years wasted with negative talk in her head
she had so little time left to express herself
suppressed herself, for too many years
she choked back her desire to be beautiful
to be a gazelle, slim, dancing as soft as the breeze
why not more than dream for all that she wished for?
40 is not to late, the clock ticks
and her heart can't wait
to express the feelings bottled deep down inside
tea towel tossed to the side, shackles broken free 
cajoled by the haunting sounds of the exotic east
her soul is called to dance to the sand-dune beats
she rises above ordinary, boring housewife
for her lounge room audience awaits!
being the Queen of Egypt, crowned in pharonic gold
leave the Hoover and bathroom cleaners
they have had their hey-day
she has now started to live her life
and dance for the rest of her days!

Dum, Dum Taka Tak
12 March 2008, By Ishtar © 2008

Dum, dum taka tak
looks like I'm outta luck
the belly dancer can't dance tonight
she started her entrance 
with such stage presence
her costume ever so bright
she shimmed her hips, 
puckered up her lips
and went to blow me a kiss
bent down very sexily
bounced up unexpectedly
and somehow lost her top !!
dum dum taka tak
the bellydancer lost her top!
I laughed so hard I thought I would break
my face was a river of tears
my sides felt burst and my face felt cramped
At the unfortunate fate for her
So now when I see an ad for free
bellydancer at restaurant tonight
I think of this time, this very funny time
that had me with drastic stitches
Dum,dum taka, tak
how I love to laugh it up
when the dancer hasn't a top
'cause life seems so much better 
when things don't go by the letter
and surprises you big time instead !

A bit of light hearted Rhyme - this was part of some silly email banter with my friend. A bit of a take on the famous childrens rhyme 'The Owl & the Pussycat'

The Cow & the Milaya
(A Milaya is a sequined shawl danced by Alexandrians in Egypt in a folkloric dance, Bula is Fijian for hello, and is part of a Fijian traditional song 'Bula Malaya', Ishtar is 1/4 Fijian)
©  2008

Bula Malaya
the Cow and the milaya
danced beneath the moon
tail swinging and seqins shimmying
didn't make the Arabs swoon
their faces dropped
their eyes wide with fright
to them it was such a horrible sight
and they soon took flight
in the dead of the night
to hide in their tents in the desert
But, the Cow didn't care anyhow
and continued shaking and shimmying
pretty cowtail swinging
"Bula Malaya" she was singing
shimmying sequins, milaya swirling
happily swooning and crooning
beneath the light of the moon
and the moon was smiling, delighted 
and admiring
and thought what a darling she was!

So the moral of the story
is dance with pride and glory
who cares what other's think
Just express yourself freely
enjoy yourself completely
and acknowledge the 
beauty you are, you are, you are
Acknowledge the Beauty you ARE!

The Azure Gates of Ishtar 
Stands witness to thousands of years 
of countless blood, shed
in a land of senseless beliefs
a vicious cycle of hate 
fuels for generations
and the blood-soaked dried earth
cries out in pain
look what man has done yet again!
-by Ishtar © 2008

(the gate of Ishtar is in modern day Iraqi and dates back to the babylonian times.  Ishtar was the goddess known also by the summerians as Inanna - the ancient goddess of Love & War, the photo on the left is a re-creation of the gate based in Berlin, which I hope to visit when I am next in Germany)

'Leila the Desert Dancer'
Leila’s cascading locks as dark as the night
Framed and bejeweled in the evening light
Her golden coins tinkle and chime as she moves
Mysteriously, through the desert sands
 like a serpent uncoiling to the ancient mizmar
Writhing and gliding sensuously to the ancient sounds, of the Middle East

Her hips pounding out the drums of the saiidi beat

Weaving her way around by the firelight, her bare feet

sifts through the sand, gypsy-like,

happy smiles and carefree

she dances with heart-felt passion

for you and me

bringing joy and happiness to all that see

Calling out come, come dance with me....

by Ishtar ©  2008




'Bint El Balad'
A sparkle is caught reflecting off her silver coins
as the morning sun's rays are caught iluminating her sculptured face of ebony
Her veil of ivory 
thin enough to see her white teeth, as she smiles
back at me, I see her dark mysterious eyes, framed by those famous eyebrows of the middle east,
Strikingly beautiful, proud
standing there in the burning heat
Against barren landscape of stone and sand
I am facinated at what i see in this ancient land

Sitting here in this taxi, watching.....
by Ishtar  ©  2008
 For the Beautiful Orit 
16 Dec 2007  by Ishtar 
© 2007

She came down like a Goddess from above 
Orit Maftsir is made of liquid love
The sunbeams gave her their smile
to touch many hearts across the miles
The silvery moon gave her luminous skin
like the pale moonlight seen late at night
Our twinkling stars collected their light
and dusted her eyes so that they would twinkle at night, and sparkle and sparkle as her eyes creased up with that sunny smile
Than Archangel Michael brought forth a piece of God's own heart
kissed it and planted it in her heart
than the Angels said Orit, Orit we name you
your name means light in ancient Hebrew
let your light out as you dance the floor
Give people wings and open doors
spread your loving energy whenever you spin
with a couple of cheeky hip rolls and a sultry pose, let your snake like arms and perfect hands move the air like shifting sands
You are a Sun Goddess incarnate from above
sent to earth on a mission on 'how to love'
Because for you there is no holding back
your love and emotion is clearly seen as you gracefully move to the celestial music or
Egyptian groove, you are elegant, cheeky
nothing short of very sexy
but most of all you give us your soul
when the music plays and you begin to dance!
we sit spellbound, in a trance
and drink in the essence of your light
for you are far more than a beautiful sight
Orit, Orit send out your light...

Belly Dance moves
'Circles, eights, camels and snakes these are the belly dance moves we make...' 
quote by Ishtar  ©  2007
'Dear little donkey of the Middle East'
by Ishtar  © 2007

Dear little donkey of the Middle East
We thank you for your little feet
that patter on the sand in the dry heat
dusty grey fur, long grey ears
strong and stout 
so small
yet a load so high
you persevere though the days go by
weary, yet no complaint
who could deny calling you a saint?
Tears well up in my eyes as I see
this sweet little animal
so hardworking is he
How grateful we should be, that his life of service
to mankind strikes us deep into our hearts
how important animals are to us
and how much we can learn from them
Thank you little donkey !
Saint of the Middle East.
written by Ishtar

"Amera's Audience" (photo of her on right) by Ishtar © 13 Feb 2007
(inspired by the lovely Amera from Sydney Australia, who has been a beautiful and talented professional dancer in the Middle East for many years.  At her workshops she shared some amazing stories of her bellydancing years all over the Middle East and how overwelming some of the audiences were with her presence...)

Amera, Amera
Princess you are
Your eyes they laugh and mock me
Bemused, you bellydance
unaware of what you do to me
Your long golden hair
and perfect face
smile with such lazy grace
Blessed with womanly curves
Adoration cannot be denied
You sensuously move
in time to the Sahara groove
and your golden hair
flicking like a Khaleegy bride
Your Egyptian circle 
accentuates lucious, agile hips
Yet your smile of sweet innocence
linger on those lips

Pray tell, what are you?  
A Goddess casting a spell?
Amera, Amera, ALL adore you

written by Ishtar
January 2007
"The Sands of Memory" by Ishtar © 2007
The sands of time beckon me 
my desert rose is but a faded memory
like the shifting sand dunes
and a mirage in the distance
you escape me, 
a longing to relive a moment lost  
is like sands pouring through my hands
faded and lost in foreign lands
my heart is dried up in the burning sun
no oasis awaits me
the water of love is but a memory
like a pharonic mummy dried up and forgotten

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