"Desert Moon Bellydance Class"
Having a party for your girlfriends and want to have an activity that makes you and the girls feel special, beautiful feminine and sensual?  Then try a "Desert Moon Belly Dance Class" and find out which goddess you are. Learn to dance with a veil and do some basic belly dance moves and stun your man with your feminine prowess!! Contact ishtarbellydancer@gmail.com for your tailored event and cost.

"Camels in the Sahara"
Okay, so the glamour-puss hen's night not quite you?  Still want something exotic and fun for your hen's or fun ladies night?  Try the entertainment package "Camels in the Sahara', guaranteed to amuse you and keep you busy, packed with exotic flavoured games and dancing fun.   Contact
Ishtar.bellydancer@gmail for a detailed description of this entertainment package which can be tailored to your needs.
(In this photo the Harem Tent is used, much smaller and easy to use in small homes/flats)

see also Mademoiselle Ishtar's Burlesque Bombshell Party page

"Sahara Desert Tent Photo Shoot"
A special added option for your hen's night (for up to 20 ladies only).  Ishtar will set up your  tent,  you are then dressed up and posed in the "Sahara Desert Tent" and photos are taken so that you can add it to your memory album. OR take your own photos  Contact Ishtar for full details for this entertainment option.   Ishtar has a smaller Harem Tent in Blue in Pink see above photo, which require very little space to put up.  They add an exotic atmosphere to your Hen Party.
Hen's night feedback:
Hi Ishtar - sure did, The photos were fantastic.  I forwarded them on to some of the guests and everyone said they had an awesome time
cheers Sheryn

Goddess Reading - each party member enters the tent of Goddess Ishtar as she finds out which Goddess you are, and you are than split into Goddess groups. (for those of you who are offended with this Goddess Reading - an option of Christian inspirational card maybe used and you are split into flower groups, pls request should you wish)

The Gypsy Queen Helen  waiting to annoint with Goddess oil and to give you the Goddess Mark.  A secret assignment is given to a select few. (Camels in the Sahara game option)
Ishtar's Hen's Nights are one of her specialty entertainment packages.  They are bound to add a sparkle to your party and she has many options for you to choose from to make your night fun.  Contact Ishtar to tailor your event.  For some options the Sahara Tent comes with your package and adds an exotic and beautiful theme to your party.  Contact ishtar.bellydancer@gmail.com
The Sahara tent has been setup in small townhouses, and flats giving you the exotic atmosphere you were wanting to give for your surprise Hen's Night entertainment.  Ishtar also hires out an option for exotic bellydance and Indo-fusion costuming for your photo poses.  email for options and quotes.
Let the games begin !!! Ishtar's background in Resort Entertainment is what makes the "Camels in the Sahara" so much fun.  She can combine the Desert Moon Bellydance with Camels in the Sahara, giving you up to 2 hours of fun and entertainment.  Most suited to large hen group parties.  This is a wonderful way to bring together friends from different parts of your life who often don't know each other, but after Ishtar takes you through your entertainment package, you will all be laughing and enjoying each others company.  Many previous participates, said that they had a wonderful time !
End of Kali game Some of the games you may play are Lotus Gathers, Egyptian Mummy, Egyptian Scroll, Golden Goddess and other options, depending on your space available, whether indoors or out doors.  Ishtar works out a special game & dance lesson plan according to your special requirements.
Finishing up from the laughter during the games and ready for a drinkie.... games can be stopped for a moment to catch your breath, take a few photos, have some nibbles and than back into the dessert moon dance lesson or Camels in Sahara games.
Bride and her mother and mother-in-law posing in front of the Sahara Tent. 
"1001 Nights Photo Shoot", at this birthday party, the birthday girl and her maidens celebrated her birthday by having a Desert Moon Bellydance Class and a 1001 Nights Photo Shoot.  Lots of giggles and clean good fun was had.... contact ishtar for details
Birthday girl's Harem look....all done in your own living room.... Ishtar decorates your room in a flash, and ta-da !!! We take photos and you get to own the image (unlike Professional Photographers!) you can paste it on your facebook page, send it to family and friends, put it on your mantle piece or album....make cards etc, your imagination and creativity has no limits!
Hi Ishtar
We had a great time yesterday.  We all had a lot more fun that expected.  You are an amasing woman and dance instructor.  
Thank you once again as you truly made Helen’s birthday a memorable one.
Take care
Dear Ishtar,
I can't thank you enough for the fantastic afternoon you gave us at the hen party yesterday!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we all loved that you joined us for a drink and a chat afterwards.  The Goddess readings were talked about all night, and I'm sure we'll all remember the dancing you taught us for years to come!  I won't hesitate to recommend you to others looking for good value party entertainment.   I've attached a few photos from the day, and look forward to seeing you again in the future!
Many thanks,  
Bex :)
Goddess Reading & Photo Shoot in the Harem Tent
Harem Tent Photo shoot (complimentary with Goddess Reading option)

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